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tv   Action News  ABC  March 8, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am EDT

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>> the team's only saving grace seems to be 1, 2 punch at top of rotation. they shut down cliff lee again. phillies starter out with left elbow train same injury that led to him out lasts year. because of that you have to ab larmd. he'll not make scheduled start on tuesday. phils fising raise. new short stop got starting with rbi in second and three shutout innings for the phillies. beat the raise 5-4. second win of spring both game in grimes nowy started. >> writing opt the wall after allen did his best marshawn lynch impression. allen will coach finalal game tuesday night. they're 9-18 this season. how about eagles losing maclin and mccoy. 43% of offense last year.
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>> chuck full of good news tonight aren't you? >> we'll see what happens. >> thank you jamie. >> we have more ahead in the next half hour of "action news." new jersey governor chris christie and hundreds of miles away from home and could not escape criticism over efforts to help the victim of super storm sandy. >> and a local congregation honors memory of philadelphia police officer robert wilson. we'll take you to emotional ceremony.
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>> what a heckler had to say to the governor in a trip to iowa. >> a mana kus ofed worst date ever. >> the worst in north philadelphia congregation -- >> to honor robert wilson. today they dedicated mass in his honor. "action news" reporter annie mccormick was there.
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worshipers came to sunday's 10 a.m. mass today in north philadelphia where slain officer robert wilson was on their mind. steven thorn dedicated the mass to wilson and made brothers and sisters in blue the guests of honor. >> they took up the back of the church and parishioners shared condolences and thank yous and philadelphia actor that played a cop in the show hack. the busy officer made time to volunteer with the organization one day at a time. >> we talked so much about you know black men being negative in the community. he was definitely an officer that stood positive and was a positive father and when they took his life they took ten other father's lives at the same time. >> according to police thursday two armed gunmen attemptsing to rob a gamestop got into a gun
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battle with wilson who was inside buying a birthday present for one two of sons. he leaves behind 1-year-old and 9-year-old whose birthday falls monday. collections from the mass will go to both boys. he was not a member of the parish but the priest tells us the police officers protect this community and in eyes mind they're automatically members of the congregation. >> we're done the street from what happened. it's only right we remember our community and neighborhood and the person who passed so many times to defend and protect our streets. >> in north philadelphia, annie mccormick, "channel 6 action news." >> tomorrow evening a prayer vibling ill will take place to remember officer wilson the victimal is being organizeds by a group one day at a time. the vigil is 21 and lehigh avenue the scene of officer wilson's shooting. the philadelphia police
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department is also established a trust fund to support his familiar limit you can find that information on the "action news" facebook feed. go to "action news" and just like the page to get updates in your feed. >> firefighters battled a fire in southwest philadelphia. 5:30 this evening fire broke out noodz a vacant home on st. noodz a vacant home on st. bernard street. they arrived to find heavy smoke and flames. everyone was able to escape without jerry. the cause has yet to be determined. >> in delaware an injured state trooper shot and killed a burglary suspect later this morning. it was after 1:30 a.m. when troper responded to alarm on rite aid naamans road in claymont. when the troop area approached the vehicle the suspect took off. somehow the officer ended up getting dragged alongside that vehicle. that's when the trooper fired his gun hitting the suspect in
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the torsoch the suspect was pronounced dead at a local hospitalch that trooper is now on administrative leaf pending investigation. >> police say they caught one a man from new jersey accused of stealing a woman's car on their first date. 53-year-old gerald teets was arrested yesterday. police in waterford township say somebody spotted the victim's stolen vehicle in cherry hill and he was then quickly arrested without incident. using a fake name, teets and the woman connected on an on-line dating site and then met at atco sports bar less than two weeks ago. he gotta hold of the woman's keys during the date and simply took off with her car. teets is held at the camden county jail. from our new jersey newsroom an overnight shooting in vineland claimed lives of two people and injured another. it happened past midnight on 100 block of west grape street. someone opened fire on a car there parked on the side of the road. the gunman fled and no word on condition of the person injured. >> well a punch of possible gop
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precedential hopefuls were under one roof yesterday for the first ever iowa agricultural summit. someone there in the audience with something to say to chris christie. >> i'm glad to see that new jersey has come. >> that's new jersey native joe mangino stood up and protested when mangino took the stage. he called it a failed response to help victims of super storm sandy. >> our situation is desperate that i'm willing to come to iowa to talk with him and to see about fixing our program that is a disaster. i know his attitude with the whole shut up and sit down. like i said, i will not shut up and won't sit down until i can can do it in my own house. >> his outburst did not last long. he was escorted out by security. >> hillary rodham clinton e-mail controversy was fronts and center during sunday morning talk shows. former secretary of state is not
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talking about it but her husband is. bill clinton was asked about his wife's decision to use a private e-mail address for state department business. he is not one to judge saying he has opinion but is biased. even president obama weighed in saying it's policy of his administration to encourage transparency. clinton's use of private e-mail was in violation of state department policy. >> five men believed to be ethnicns to be out spoken. a sixth suspect reportedly blew himself up as police moved in to make an arrest. he was shot to death near the crux lynn. family and friends gathered to remember those lost a year ago today. malaysia airlines flight 270
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disappeared. there were vigils in beijing. a search continues to this day. no trace of plane on those on board wherever found. >> police chief me madison wisconsin is doing his best not to make the same mistakes as furgeson. meantime the investigation into the case continues. abc's lyndsey janice has the latest. >> reporter: residents of mad i sop, wisconsin mourning death of tony robinson an unarmed 19-year-old shot to death by a police officer. >> asked the hard question and say the hard thing but you better shake hands and hug before it's over. >> frustrations boiling over in one church. >> young black men are laid out in front of their own having to find encouraging words to suggest everything will be all right. i'm starting to feel like
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everything ain't going to be all right. >> some venting their anger on the streets, peaceful the streets, peacefully. >> mad i sop on edge since friday night when 45-year-old officer matt kenny responded to multiple disturb an calls forcing his way into a home police say those shots fired after officer kenny came under attack by robinson under supervision after pleading guilty to being party to armed robbery last year. his mother is des vat for answers. >> he lovrd his family and friends. >> trying to bring together a divided city. >> let's find out how we move together as a community and country and dot right thing. >> lyndsey janice, "abc news," madison. >> between 15 and 20,000 people crowded on to the ed monday
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pettis bridge in selma alabama. many brought younger family members to recall the confrontation between police and peaceful protesters. martin luther king iii whose late father let selma march led the service. still to come on "action news" tonight, a celebration for all nations. how people all around the world celebrated international women's day. >> and we're finally on slow march to spring. there's a bit of winter weather headed our way in the coming hours, melissa. >> that's right there's a wiptser weather advisory posted for areas north and west of the i-95 corridor. but the big weather story this week, mild stretch that's on the way. 40s and 50s on the board. details with the accuweather forecast
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yolanda indrosonovich can appreciate a simple name. that's why she likes pick 5 from the pennsylvania lottery, they've given all your favorite numbers games new, simpler names. and for something really simple, play the all-new pick 2. easy to play. simple to say. >> women around the world raising awareness of national women's day. in ukraine female drivers celebrated by showing their skills behind the wheel during this car rally taken shut down a street in kiav. >> time for a check of the accuweather forecast. meteorologist melissa magee. lots of good news. >> good is a good thing. >> and we like normal. >> yes. it's nice to be normal and even above average sometimes guys.
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list see what's going on. >> i'll take normal i'm happy with normal. >> stormtracker 6 double scan radar you see it's dry and quiet no issues with precip. overnight tonight the national weather service has concerned and i do too for areas north and west of that 95 corridor and we'll talk about the details with that in just a moment. in near term show you the picture outside sky6 live in hd we're in old city quiet picture looks nice. leak a postcard. partly cloudy sky overhead and snow leftover on the ground. there will be a lot of melting going on this week because temperatures will be nice and mild in fact some spots above average. >> now we have winter weather advisory and advisory goes up during the overnight hours. it's posted 3:00 in the morningp when it goes into effect 9 a.m. monday. we're tracking light snow showers and light freezing rain or patchy drizal cross the region and areas north and west of 95 corridor. mercer montgomery, bucks
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lehigh north am top county and up to poconos. as we go through the overnight hours some locations north and wet of 95 corridor will drop below freezing and because of that we have advisory posted. it's 25 in poconos currently and just 1 degree above the freezing mark in allentown and 37, though, in wilmington and upper 30s in philadelphia, 34. atlantic city, just 9 in millville. and here's sat light 6 and action radar. partly cloudy sky overhead and there's weak precipitation that we're tracking. that's currently over the ohio valley. this will work its way east ward and as it does so light precipitation could set up early tomorrow morning before the temperatures rebound. as we get into the afternoon hours. we'll talk about what we can expect during the overnight hours and close to dawn tomorrow. this is mainly event confined for northwest suburbs and through the lehigh valley. there could be a brief dusting of snow and light glaze of frozen precipitation watching for slippery surfaces on things
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untreated. >> newt tour tracker showing lakehurst and as i add voons this 1:00 in the afternoon tomorrow eetzly climbing into lower 50s even upper 40s north and west of town. here's call from accuweather for morning rush. partly cloudy. few flurries likely north and west of city tomorrow. 6 a.m. temperature 34. 35 7 a.m. and 36 is the number at 8:00 in the morning might and sunny tomorrow and high temperatures in middle and lower 50s. tuesday, 49, mostly cloudy. tracking area of low pressure from the south. rain likely by tuesday afternoon into the evening hours and behind that not much cooling on wednesday. that's why pick of the week coming in 58 degrees. thursday sunshine and clouds.
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53. friday will turn cooler with high temperature 44 degrees. and late day rain is likely friday as we go into the start of next weekend day. temperatures over the weekend will be in the 50s by then guys. so we're really in 40s and 50s and will feel nice after our stretch recently. >> snow we're out of here. >> the focus on men's health during breakfast universeial charter school katherine street. men were urged to take charm of health and shown a bunch of ways to do that and ways to prevent serious health issues, diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer and all this wonderful advice was offered free of charge. sports is next here on "action news." >> more on the possible loss of eagles receiver jeremy maclin when "action news" comes right there's nothing more romantic than
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>> this will all make sense eventually right now it doesn't. we thought eagles were clearing out cap room for maclin instead he's headed to kansas city espn reporting he will reunite with andy reid in kc. chiefs have no cap space and will make moves to make it happen. you have to think something went sour with the birds because now they're in real trouble having
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lost jackson and maclin in successive years and jordan matthews better have some season. eagles have landed big time free agent byron maxwell with front loaded contract said to be worth $54 million with $25 million guaranteed over five years. not as famous as quarterback richard sherman in seattle had 200 interceptions last year upgrade from fletcher and williams. this deal cannot become official until tuesday. >> open other side of the ball eagles signed veteran running back gore to a guaranteed 2 year 7.5 million contract and gore spent ten years in san francisco and rushed for 1,000 or more yards in 86 the lasts 9 seasons and comes khooper than lesean mccoy in the streets of downtown buffalo tonight where he's set to sign a five year deal, 40 million. 26.5 guaranteed. interestingly gourd an and shady
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share an agent that had this to say st. luke's hospital on miami tv show. >> lesean will be excited because he got a brand new contract. kurt i havecy of bills and frank, frank it's tough to leave san francisco but going to philadelphia his deal is also going to be lucrative. so yes my clients would be happy if these moves become novel a few days fvrjts they become official. thank you drew rosenhouse. he of course excuse me, let's talk about flyers for a second shall we. flyers tonight well they fell off the horse in a big, big way in new jersey rough day for them tied at 1. second period. jacob joseph son with go ahead goal. look at claude giroux and 10 1/2 minute without a shot and 2 on
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nonflyers fall 5-2. and playoff hopes lost they're 7 back with 15 games to play. walter back to you. >> thank you james jury. >> "fyi philly" is here on channel 6. >> "action news" continues tomorrow morning 4:30 with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, david murphy and karen rogers. >> for sarah bloomquist, jamie apody, melissa magee, jeff skversky and the entire "action news" team i'm walter perez, have a good night an a great weekend. >> good night.
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>> i'm karen rogers. >> and i'm alicia vitarelli. saturday/tonight on fyi philly. >> from bikes to guitars to candles and handcrafted accessories. >> we celebrate things made in philly. >> we visit a local salon that elevates little girls to rock stars and princesses. >> and national meatball day is right around the corner. >> there's a new restaurant that hand rolls more than a half dozen varieties. >> hi everybody, and welcome to fyi philly. >> we are at me n mo meatballs n more. >> it's a brand new restaurant on south street, just off headhouse square. >> and we are celebrating all things made in philly this week. >> we're talking mom and pops small businesses. >> the places that make eating, shopping and living here so unique. >> and because monday is national meatball day. >> and because we really love food! >> we start here.


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